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Explore the path to crafting unique, perfect smiles that fuel my passion for beauty. Discover the possibilities that inspire me as we journey together towards creating captivating smiles.

Yugo Hatai stands as a distinguished Master Ceramist, a luminary among Australia’s eminent Dental Technicians. His unparalleled prowess in the recreation of natural dentition, infused with an artistic finesse, has wrought transformative changes in the lives of countless patients. This remarkable ability has earned him the reverence of foremost clinicians and technicians on a global scale.


In 2008, Yugo founded “Smile By Yugo,” a sanctuary where his visionary aspirations could meld the realms of Fashion and Art with the intricate sphere of Aesthetic Dentistry. His mission: to imbue restorative work with an uncanny naturalness, a testament to his dedication.

As an authoritative figure, Yugo serves as an opinion leader for esteemed industry entities, a role that perpetually raises the industry’s standards. His mentorship of dental professionals is marked by an unwavering commitment to set new pinnacles of excellence.

Yugo’s eminence extends to a plethora of nationally and internationally acclaimed articles gracing the pages of Quintessence publications. His journey in education commenced in 2008 with a lecture on Lava (3M ESPE), evolving into an international speaker, including a keynote address at NZIDT 2009. His dedication to education continues as he delves into diverse topics employing appropriate materials.

The growth of Smile by Yugo burgeoned into the establishment of the innovative School of Yugo in 2011, a testament to his commitment to advancing the field. His impact stretches to the hallowed halls of King’s College London, where he serves as a visiting clinical teacher for a postgraduate Master’s Course in Prosthodontics / Aesthetics.


Yugo’s academic voyage began with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Sydney, a prerequisite to his forthcoming enrollment in the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program in 2025. His vision encompasses the seamless fusion of his profound knowledge and skills into clinical dentistry, culminating in the pinnacle embodiment of an aesthetic dentistry virtuoso – the “Smile Virtuoso.”


Please don’t hesitate to contact Yugo through the Contact page, and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience.