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The primary objective of treating a single central incisor is to create a restoration that blends in with the surroundings. The two front teeth - upper central incisors -are the most dominant part of the smile, and they are used to determine the position and cant of a facial and dental midline. Studies suggest that the most important relationship to evaluate the aesthetics is the mediolateral inclination of the maxillary incisors. If the incisors are inclined by 2mm right or left, laypeople regard this as unesthetic.   Figs 1 & 2 show a trauma case with damaged right upper central incisor – 11. The assessment of the facial midline can only determine with a full-face photo; however, the images suggest enough to indicate...

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Before and After 2008: Welcoming my Inaugural Patient at Smile by Yugo

A Caucasian male in his 30s presented with a trauma case on the (patient’s) right central incisor (11) – had an accident while playing football. He was also concerned about the appearance of the (patient’s) right lateral incisor (12) – it appears too short and narrow in his words.   11 is a non-vital tooth with minor discolouration in the stump (c.f., Fig 1); thus, we selected a zirconia restoration. The opacity of Lava Zirconia was suitable for slight masking, and its aesthetic advantage in complex colour matching.   12 is a healthy, vital tooth clinically speaking (c.f., Fig 1), thus we required only a minor conservative prep to proceed with the refractory veneer. Additionally, bleaching was completed two weeks before the shade taking...

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