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Before and After 2020: Missing Tooth Replacement on Lateral Incisors (Part 2)

A Caucasian male patient in his youth was introduced to me upon a failure of the previous Maryland-Bridges on 13-11, 21-23. The restorations only lasted for a few months (done by another technician), and I couldn’t identify its cause or never given a specific reason by the treating clinician.   In part 1 of the ‘missing tooth replacement’ (click here to read), I presented implant restorations in Zirconia with Ti interface abutment to replace the lateral incisors. For this case, I present more of a conservative and cost-effective option – Maryland-Bridges in lithium disilicate (e.max) for optimum bonding strength.   Figs 1-2 show the pre-op condition.   Fig 3 shows my standard protocol in shade taking. I make sure to use three different shade guides to identify the...

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