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Before and After 2016: Smile Makeover – Full Mouth Reconstruction with a Heart-warming Testimonial

A female patient in her 50s was referred to me for a consultation, who literally got ‘hit by a bus’ in an accident. Multiple facial reconstruction and surgeries had been performed, yet she was dissatisfied with the dental work provided.   After a lengthy discussion with the patient and the treating clinician, we decided to restore her brand-new smile with confidence by performing a full-mouth reconstruction. There were existing implant restorations from 12-22 – the right lateral incisor to the left lateral incisor, replaced in Screwed-Retained Implant bridge. The rest to be done in lithium disilicate (e.max).   Fig 1 shows the pre-op condition. The patient’s lower lip was still hanging down at this point (due to the trauma), and thus she showed more...

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Before and After 2012: Smile Makeover – Achieving Significant Change in Proportion with porcelain veneers

A Caucasian male patient in his 30s was deeply concerned about the aesthetics of his smile. There are several issues we had to address: most notably, changing the proportion and tooth size within the aesthetic zone, crown-lengthening/gum-contouring, and a replacement of a missing tooth on 14 (right first-premolar).   We selected a Zirconia bridge on 15-13, and lithium disilicate (e.max) veneers for the rest – 12-26 (missing 25), from the right second-premolar to the left first-molar, a total of 10 units.   I must admit that this case was one of the most challenging smile makeovers I had encountered at that time, but the result spoke for itself. The patient was “over the moon” with the outcome.   The key to achieving such a result was...

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