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Before and After 2016: Smile Makeover – Full Mouth Reconstruction with a Heart-warming Testimonial

A female patient in her 50s was referred to me for a consultation, who literally got ‘hit by a bus’ in an accident. Multiple facial reconstruction and surgeries had been performed, yet she was dissatisfied with the dental work provided.   After a lengthy discussion with the patient and the treating clinician, we decided to restore her brand-new smile with confidence by performing a full-mouth reconstruction. There were existing implant restorations from 12-22 – the right lateral incisor to the left lateral incisor, replaced in Screwed-Retained Implant bridge. The rest to be done in lithium disilicate (e.max).   Fig 1 shows the pre-op condition. The patient’s lower lip was still hanging down at this point (due to the trauma), and thus she showed more...

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Before and After 2015: Smile Makeover – Replacement of 2 Teeth on 1 Abutment with Pink Ceramics

A Caucasian female patient in her 20s was just about to get married and wanted to look the best. She was missing laterals with vampire-like fangs that bothered her. Because of the timeframe, orthodontic treatment was not an option.   Since the teeth are all vital, we need to be conservative in prep generally, but the aggressive prep is necessary where required. Boding strength is another element we must consider. Thus, we decided to go with lithium disilicate (e.max) restorations – veneers on the central incisors and first-premolars, with joint crowns to replace the laterals and canines off one abutment for each quadrant.   Fig 1 shows the pre-op condition. When working a case like this, the communication between the clinician and technician is...

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