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Fusion of Modern and Ancient: Feldspathic/Refractory Veneers using Zirconia Porcelain

As a young technician over a decade ago, I searched for ways of mastering the refractory veneer technique to achieve the ultimate aesthetics. When I found the refractory die material for Zirconia, the 'aha moment' came to me, and the rest is the history.   The presented technique remains how I fabricate the refractory veneers today, and it is beneficial for some instances with conservative/minimum preps.   It was an honour to participate in a book chapter amongst prominent dental professionals and pioneers such as: Oliver Ahlers, Paulo Battistella, Michael Behm, Gilberto A. Borges, Oliver Brix, Julian Conejo, Daniel Edelhoff, Fàbio Fujiy, Will Geller, Galip Gürel, Axel Gütges, Sascha Hein, Ralf Janda, Akito Kani, Manfred Kern, Peer Kulzer, Karl-Heinz Kunzelmann, Klaus Möller, Klaus Müterthies, Patrick...

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