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Before and After 2008: Welcoming my Inaugural Patient at Smile by Yugo

A Caucasian male in his 30s presented with a trauma case on the (patient’s) right central incisor (11) – had an accident while playing football. He was also concerned about the appearance of the (patient’s) right lateral incisor (12) – it appears too short and narrow in his words.   11 is a non-vital tooth with minor discolouration in the stump (c.f., Fig 1); thus, we selected a zirconia restoration. The opacity of Lava Zirconia was suitable for slight masking, and its aesthetic advantage in complex colour matching.   12 is a healthy, vital tooth clinically speaking (c.f., Fig 1), thus we required only a minor conservative prep to proceed with the refractory veneer. Additionally, bleaching was completed two weeks before the shade taking...

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