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Aesthetics of a Single Central Incisor with Soft Tissue Management

Clinica: International Journal of Brazilian Dentistry featured Yugo’s article titled ‘Aesthetics of a Single Central Incisor with Soft Tissue Management’ in 2014 (originally published in Portuguese).


Meeting patients’ expectations is our goal regardless of the types of cases we treat.

An ‘aesthetically pleasing outcome’ is ultimately judged by the patient. Without their satisfaction, the case should be considered unsuccessful even though there might be no fault with the outcome in the dental professionals’ eyes.


Regardless of who you are or where you are from when it comes to restoring a single central incisor, the desire comes down to one thing – we aim to blend the restoration with the surrounding natural dentition.


Today, accurate colour matching is not as challenging as in the past, thanks to a technique/software such as eLAB (developed by Sascha Hein) and Matisse (developed by Marat Awdaljan).

However, treating a single tooth involves a lot more than the application of the technology.


This article presents examples of natural aesthetics, focusing on various elements, including sub-gingival contour and soft tissue management with implant restorations.


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