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Before and After 2018: Smile Makeover – Replacement of Existing Restorations

A Caucasian female patient in her 40s flew in from Switzerland and stayed in Sydney, Australia, over the Xmas break for the smile makeover. Her existing veneers were only done 4-5 years ago by another technician, and she was unhappy with them due to being over contoured.   The treating clinician modified the shape clinically before sending the patient to my studio for a smile design consultation. Thus, her condition was close to ideal, and she was happy with them in general. My job was to identify where we can improve and determine the number of units required to achieve the best possible outcome.   Figs 1-3 show the pre-op condition.   Upon detailed discussion, I observed the following information.   Shape: As noted above, the treating clinician improved...

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Before and After 2017: Smile Makeover – Achieving Super-bright Life-like Restorations

A Caucasian female patient in her 30s visited me for a consultation with temporary restorations in the mouth. She had her first set of veneers, which was about 16 years old. She recently had Invisalign, but the teeth moved out of the alignment. She is also concerned about the root exposure and uneven gingival level.   She had missing second premolars and wished to have a brighter smile, in fact, as bright as possible without making them look artificial. She commenced bleaching on her lower dentition to reduce the contrast. We decided to replace the existing restorations from 13-23 – right canine to left canine, and place conservative veneers on 14&24 – right and left first premolar, a total of 8 units...

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Before and After 2013: Smile Makeover – Implant Zirconia Bridge with Gum Porcelain

An Asian patient in her 40s was depressed about the aesthetics of her smile. She had several attempts to replace the restorations to achieve natural aesthetics, which she found difficult. She was looking for “a durable, functional and, most of all, a beautiful smile” in her words.   The treatment plan is to replace the existing restorations – 12-22 Screw-Retained Implant Bridge, and crowns on the canines - 13 and 23. To maintain the same property and material in the superstructure, we decided to use Zirconia with Ti interface abutment for the implant connections.   Fig 1 shows the pre-op condition. The aesthetical and functional issues we need to address are: correction of the midline cant achieving a sense of symmetry on the central...

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