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Before and After 2018: Smile Makeover – Replacement of Existing Restorations

A Caucasian female patient in her 40s flew in from Switzerland and stayed in Sydney, Australia, over the Xmas break for the smile makeover. Her existing veneers were only done 4-5 years ago by another technician, and she was unhappy with them due to being over contoured.


The treating clinician modified the shape clinically before sending the patient to my studio for a smile design consultation. Thus, her condition was close to ideal, and she was happy with them in general.

My job was to identify where we can improve and determine the number of units required to achieve the best possible outcome.


Figs 1-3 show the pre-op condition.


Upon detailed discussion, I observed the following information.



  • As noted above, the treating clinician improved the shape already, and the patient is happy with them anteriorly. However, she prefers a slightly rounder/softer appearance than the current.
  • The patient agrees that the buccal corridor could be wider/broader. She has only one premolar on each quadrant, so happy to include the first molar – 10 units in total from 16-26 to be treated.


  • The patient would like a brighter yet natural-looking smile. The current colour is A1/A2 (with a hint of D2) (Fig 4) and is happy with base BL4 /W3 (Fig 5), with central incisors being a touch brighter (between BL3/W2 and BL4/W3) with warmer canines (around A1).
  • The natural dentition on the lower anterior will be the reference point for the degree and level of incisal translucency and characteristics. The patient is also happy with the current translucency level, which is somewhere between mild to medium.
  • The patient agrees that the lower dentition needs bleaching to reduce the contrast against the new upper restorations.


Due to the circumstances with a limited timeframe, we had no time for diagnostic wax-ups. However, for this particular case, the existing shape was close to the desired outcome, so it was manageable.


Figs 6-8 show the (almost immediate) post-op smile, which I managed to capture right before her flights back to Switzerland. I got to witness another thrilled patient, and heart-warming gratitude with a bug hug received from her made my day!




I’d like to thank Dr Andrew Prideaux from Mosman Fine Dental in Mosman NSW, Australia, for his clinical excellence.



This case was issued in January 2018 with no remakes.




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