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Before and After 2017: Smile Makeover – Achieving Super-bright Life-like Restorations

A Caucasian female patient in her 30s visited me for a consultation with temporary restorations in the mouth. She had her first set of veneers, which was about 16 years old. She recently had Invisalign, but the teeth moved out of the alignment. She is also concerned about the root exposure and uneven gingival level.   She had missing second premolars and wished to have a brighter smile, in fact, as bright as possible without making them look artificial. She commenced bleaching on her lower dentition to reduce the contrast. We decided to replace the existing restorations from 13-23 – right canine to left canine, and place conservative veneers on 14&24 – right and left first premolar, a total of 8 units...

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Before and After 2011: Setting a Benchmark in Digital Photography

A male patient in his 30s presented with the aesthetic concerns on the gummy smile and prominent hypocalcification on the central incisors. Hypocalcification is a condition where your tooth’s enamel has an insufficient amount of calcium. When this happens, the enamel still covers the tooth’s surface but parts can be thin and weak, giving teeth an opaque or chalky appearance.   We decided to proceed with crown-lengthening, to begin with, and lithium disilicate (e.max) veneers on the central incisors for the better blend with the rest of natural dentition.   Figs 1, 3 and 5 show the pre-op condition. Figs 2, 4 and 6 show after completion of the crown-lengthening for the upper arch. See the consistency in the provided photos – retracted view,...

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