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Reproducing Nature Part 4: Smile Design

LVI Visions featured Yugo’s article titled ‘Reproducing Nature: Smile Design in 2008 (published language: English).   Introduction:   Today, creating a natural-looking smile is essential in cosmetic/aesthetic dentistry. As I mentioned in the first part of this article (European Journal of Eesthetic Dentistry Winter 2008), many people think that white “Hollywood Smiles” look fake but is it true? Have you thought about bleached natural dentition? I think it looks healthy and attractive but doesn’t look fake at all. That is the type of benchmark I set for myself when the patient is after a perfect smile – i.e., bright yet natural.   Now, what is the definition of “perfect” anyway? Does it mean that it’s perfectly in proportion, perfectly adapted to the patient’s desire or could...

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Morphology: Traditional Wax-up Technique for Anterior and Posterior Teeth

Advancement of CAD/CAM technology has been a game-changer for both dental clinicians and technicians. It provides consistency with natural anatomy and aesthetics in the production of dental prosthetics without the possessions of highly trained hands-on technical skills. Understanding the anatomy of natural dentition – morphology – in depth is, however, essential for all dental professionals. The traditional way of reproducing teeth in wax remains critical as a way of training because the knowledge and technique are utilised in the application of composite restorations, diagnostic wax-up, and better understanding in the aesthetics and functions. The following technique is what I presented at King’s College London for a postgraduate masters course in Prosthodontics and Aesthetics candidates, and was well received with high praises.   Model Preparation:   After...

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