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The Aesthetic Articulator (Australian Patent AU2013100527)

QZ featured Yugo’s article titled ‘The Aesthetic Articulator (Australian Patent AU2013100527)’ in June 2015 (published language: German).   Introduction:   Contemporary dentistry is increasingly using digital technology to plan and communicate treatment, and, in many cases, to aid in its delivery. CAD/CAM technology is a prime example of how high tech can be melded into the dental laboratory’s workflow and, increasingly, the dental clinic. This once novel process is now commonplace throughout the mainstream dental community.   Advancements in digital technology have also helped clinician and technician to communicate more clearly and precisely to achieve better patient outcomes, and involve the technician in delivering care.   More and more, technology is also employed to help clinicians understand and deliver on patient expectations. Due to the increasing dental knowledge...

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Yugo – the man behind Smile Virtuoso: Past – Present – Future

It’s been a while since I disappeared from the forefront of dental education. For the past decade, having a presence in social media has become the norm regardless of who you are. If you are not actively promoting yourself online, then apparently you don’t exist. I’m not on anything –Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or TikTok – except LinkedIn. I’m not a follower, and I only act according to my beliefs.   The saying ‘work until you no longer have to introduce yourself’ is something I’ve believed in and kept in mind since the start of my career. The hours I have spent at work as a dental technician/ceramist would easily exceed Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule (i.e., the time required to be decent at...

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