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Unbreakable Zirconia Abutments: New Lava and NeoLink Zirconia Abutments

eLABORATE Magazine featured Yugo’s article titled ‘Unbreakable Zirconia Abutments: New Lava and NeoLink Zirconia Abutments’ in Jan/Feb 2010 (published language: English).   Introduction:   Strength and aesthetics are foremost in the mind of today’s ceramist. The longevity of restorations has always been an essential factor. In the past, however, aesthetic compromises may have been tolerated, particularly in the posterior region. Thankfully today, achieving a lasting, highly aesthetic result technically has become far more accessible due to the development of new technology and materials. In the burgeoning field of implant dentistry, to maximise aesthetics, it is essential to create a customised abutment instead of using ‘off the shelf’ abutments. Custom abutments are necessary to control the emergence profile, as well as the Sub-Gingival Contour (SGC). Customised Zirconia...

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