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Before and After 2021: Smile Design 2.0 (Part 1) – Performing a smile makeover for dental professionals

I’ve been meaning to work on my publications for a while but was occupied with my GAMSAT studies, plus the establishment and stabilisation of my new business - Smile Virtuoso, in Pyrmont, NSW. It’s been a year and a half since I updated my blog posts, and now I finally have an opportunity to work on some exciting projects to share and be published in 2023! I want to kick off the blog post in this Before and After section, titled ‘Smile Design 2.0 (part 1 and part 2)’. These blog posts serve as sneak peeks of the cases presented in my upcoming article, where I present a standardised protocol in smile design, explaining the requirements in digital photography and communication...

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Reproducing Nature Part 1: Understanding the Composition of Natural Dentition

Eminent peer-reviewed publication - European Journal of Esthetic Dentistry - featured Yugo’s inaugural international article titled ‘Reproducing Nature: Understanding the Composition of Natural Dentition’ in 2008 (published language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Greek).   Abstract:   Ceramists may be able to produce excellent results, but none can improve on the natural dentition. Natural teeth are always the benchmark to which every ceramist should aspire. Becoming a better ceramist requires training and application, and one of the best ways of training is to copy natural dentition. The amount of information that can be gained just by examining natural teeth is enormous. Natural dentition is irregular, but it is also in proportion and perfectly balanced. By trying to reproduce natural teeth, the ceramist will appreciate...

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