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Before and After 2009: Soft-Tissue Management at the Socket on Pontic Sites

A Caucasian male in his 70s had presented with failed roots on the lateral incisors (12 & 22). The patient was also concerned about the aesthetics of the overall smile, wanting to have a youthful look. We commenced the case with 2 x Zirconia bridges 13-11 & 21-23.


Fig 1 shows the pre-op condition. 12 and 22 were extracted, and the soft tissue was managed during the temporary stage by the treating prosthodontist. Fig 2 shows the remarkable state of the soft tissue recovery.


Communication in the shade taking is essential between the clinician and ceramist. The shade tab should be placed edge to edge position, as shown in Fig 3.

Fig 4 shows the completed Lava zirconia bridges (13-11 & 21-23). Note the depth of the pontics in gingiva – the morphology of root is reproduced: they are quite deep with a flat fitting surface on the bottom.


Fig 5 and 6 show the post-op condition. Note the exceptional soft tissue condition with natural aesthetics. Hats off to the treating clinician – Dr Tony Rotondo!

I feel fortunate to be able to work with a clinician like him at an early stage of my career. He inspired me to become an educator and showed me the importance of presentation and the quality of digital photography. It is not too much to say that Tony was my benchmark in many aspects, and aspired me to go beyond my comfort zone whenever possible. Today, I still hold the same ambition and continue to invest in my personal growth!




I would like to thank Dr Tony Rotondo from Rotondo Dental in Brisbane QLD, Australia, for his clinical excellence and the photographs.


This case was issued in May 2009 with porcelain additions.




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