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Masterpiece – Visualisation with Precision: The Aesthetic Articulator



QDT featured Yugo’s article in 2016 (originally published in Japanese).


Having trained as a dental technician in Japan (at Osaka University Dental Hospital), being featured in the ‘masterpiece’ section of QDT is an honourable achievement.

It is a privileged benchmark that the high-end ceramists in Japan aspire for recognition and respect within the field.


The actual storyline of the article is very similar to my previous post presenting the Aesthetic Articulator (

However, the aesthetics of the presented case/restorations are probably the best I have ever presented from a technical perspective.

The patient desired the highest level/degree of incisal translucency/characteristics, which mimics the complex nature of natural dentition. The outcome is so satisfying that even dental professionals cannot distinguish them from natural teeth.


When I design a smile, each case is highly individualised without having a signature look.

What’s important is to focus on meeting each patient’s expectations and apply our expertise where required without forcing them to particular concept/technique/aesthetics.

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